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Experienced Reviewers Training Programme

Experienced reviewers are required to complete Module 16 (Changes to the WMDA Standards, Guidance, Policies and Procedures, and Checklists Occurring in YYYY) annually. This must be completed within January-March of each calendar year. Completion is achieved by passing the quiz in the module. 

Experienced reviewers are also required to accumulate eight (8) continuing education credits each calendar year, beginning in the year after completing the entire set of trainee reviewer modules. Read here how credits can be obtained.

Please note: Only WMDA Reviewers have access to the course modules. Are you a reviewer and don't you have access? Contact education@wmda.info.
WMDA Reviewer continuing education 2021

| Accreditation and quality |   Advanced Level | Continuing education for WMDA reviewers | 

This course is only available for the WMDA Reviewers.