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Experienced Reviewers Training Programme

Experienced reviewers are required to complete Module 16 (Changes to the WMDA Standards, Guidance, Policies and Procedures, and Checklists Occurring in YYYY) annually. This must be completed within January-March of each calendar year. Completion is achieved by passing the quiz in the module. 

Experienced reviewers are also required to accumulate eight (8) continuing education credits each calendar year, beginning in the year after completing the entire set of trainee reviewer modules. Credits can be obtained by:

  • Attending one in-person reviewer or registry training session given that year: 8 credits
  • Completing an on-line training module or webinar offered as a substitute for the reviewer/registry training session not attended with exam score >80%: 4 credits
  • Preparing/participating in one presentation for a reviewer/registry training session (in person or on-line) and writing 2 related questions: 4 credits
  • Completing annual reviewer exam with exam score >80%: 4 credits
  • Writing 5 exam questions (multiple choice) covering at least 3 different sections of the WMDA Standards with review/approval of questions by Accreditation Steering Committee: 4 credits
Please note: Only WMDA Reviewers have access to the course modules. Are you a reviewer and don't you have access? Contact education@wmda.info.
Workshop WMDA meeting Noordwijk March, 2019

This module contains the 6 presentations from the Reviewers workshop during the WMDA meeting in Noorwijk at the 20th of March 2019.

    Changes to the Standards, Policies and Procedures (module 16)

    Learning objectives:

        • Describe changes to Standards and guidance effective January 1, 2020
        • Describe changes to on-site checklists, and  policies and procedures that have occurred in the last year
        • Describe a third option, Certification
        • Integrate the changes when evaluating an application for certification / qualification / accreditation

    Annual Reviewers Exam

    This continuing education exam is intended for reviewers who have successfully completed all of the accreditation training modules before January 1, 2019.

    Reviewers training exercise: Scoring On-Site Situations

    Training exercise for reviewers who didn't attend one of the training sessions of the BCAC in 2018 (Munich or Minneapolis).

    New WMDA standards

    This module includes a test based on the webinar WMDA Standards 2020 given by Carolyn Hurley at the 6th of September 2019.