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Donor Coordinator programme

The donor coordinator courses will provide you with the basic knowledge about the hematopoietic system, HLA, and diseases eligible for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. If you choose to do the complete course, you will also gain insight into how search coordinators performing searches and selections of potentially matched donors in module 6: Search strategy and web tools for search. 

The WMDA has spotted a growing need for education for donor coordinators. Therefore, the working group compiled the Donor Coordinator course. This education is not just accessible for donor coordinators, but also for a broader audience, without any entry requirements. 

The modules consist of an approximately 1-hour lecture accompanied by a handout, a glossary, recommended literature and finishes with a multiple-choice test. 

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Donor Coordinator Programme

| Donation and transplantation  |  Advanced level | 6 modules | 

The Donor Coordinator Course is divided into 6 modules, coming from the Search Coordinator Course - Basic level will provide you with the basic knowledge about immunology, the hematopoietic system, and genetics, as well as more specific knowledge useful for performing your tasks as search coordinator, like search strategies and HLA matching.