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WMDA educational webinars overview

WMDA organises monthly educational webinars. Every month a new topic will be discussed. During these webinars, you can meet experts,  ask questions and increase your knowledge.

Previous webinars

Members can watch the webinars that have previously been recorded here.

GTR; Webinar Global Trends Report

Please join Monique Jöris, WMDA's project coordinator of the Global Trends Report, for this webinar, focused on the important statistics provided by registries and cord blood banks worldwide.

After the webinar:

  • You will know how to submit your data for 2019
  • You will understand the importance of sharing your data
  • You will know the most important statistics gathered by the WMDA
  • Any questions you might have had concerning this topic, will be answered

Search & Match Service; Data Dictionary & Differential Uploads

Alicia Venter and Zhihong show you the importance of data quality and the benefits of differential uploads. Have you always thought that data was boring or difficult? After seeing this webinar you will crave more (and not just for more apple pie!)

S(P)EAR; Definition of Serious Adverse Events and Examples

Join Mirjam Fechter, Wmda's Medical Consultant, member of the S(P)EAR Committee and Medical Director at Matchis, the national registry of the Netherlands. Mirjam will explain definitions for SEARs and SPEARs, review cases, and give examples.