User manual

Education is an important and constantly expanding resource of WMDA. Our e-learning courses offer a variety of opportunities for people that work in the field of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. Topics of educational interest have been established and developed together with the WMDA working groups, experts in the field and continual feedback from our members. 

In this user  manual, you find instructions and information on how to work as efficiently as possible on Choose from the menu below (or in phone mode above) to select the chapter.

1. How to use the WMDA Education site

Chapter 1: How to use the WMDA Education site

1.1 How to login

The education administrator of the WMDA education website will create an account for you to access the WMDA education website once you've filled out the online registration form. After your account has been created, you will receive an email with your username and password. This temporary password should be changed when you log in the first time on the WMDA education website.

The pictures below will guide you through the login process and show you how to access the modules of the courses:

1.2 How to enter your course(s)

There are several ways to enter your course:

  1. Via the short link in the menu: Click on the book icon between the logo and 'HOME' in the menu. 
  2. Via your dashboard*: Click on the logo to go to your dashboard or click on the profile icon at the top of the right and choose 'Dashboard'
  3. Via the menu: Click on the course category and choose your course from the menu. 

*On your dashboard, you will find not only your course overview but also the course progress. 

1.3 Your profile

Each user has a personal profile in WMDA education. A few things can be changed, but for some, you will need to contact the education administrators ( 

You can add additional information to your account/profile, like a picture of yourself (not required). Please follow the next steps if you would like to add information: