Terms and of use - WMDA Education

Thank you for using WMDA Education!

WMDA Education offers courses and webinars provided by World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA). This is additional to the WMDA Terms of Use.

1. The Service

1.1. Who May Use our Service: WMDA Education

You may use WMDA Education only in compliance with the WMDA Terms of Use and the Addition Education Terms of Use. Before your account is created by the WMDA office, you must provide us with accurate and complete information. When your account for WMDA Education is created you agree to update your information to keep it accurate and complete in the WMDA membership database.


2. Registration

2.1.  Register for a course or webinar

To purchase a course or webinar you must register through the WMDA Website. After registration, you will receive your personal login credentials with access to the specific course or webinar you registered for. If you already have an account with us, you can log into your account using your username and password.


3. Content

3.1. Changes to content

WMDA Education offers courses, webinars (“Content”). The Content is created by experts in the field of haematopoietic stem cell donation and transplantation. WMDA Education reserves the right to cancel, interrupt, or modify any Content, or change the point value or weight of any assignment, quiz, or other activity. Any Content is subject to the Disclaimers of WMDA.

3.2. Modifying or Terminating our Services

We are constantly changing and improving WMDA Education. We may add or remove functions, features, or requirements, and we may suspend or stop part of our services altogether. Accordingly, WMDA Education may terminate your use of any Service for any reason. If your use of a paid Service is terminated, a refund may be available under our Refund Policy (see article 4.2). You can stop using WMA Education at any time, although we'll be sorry to see you go.


4. Certificate

4.1. Receive a certificate

After completing a course or webinar you will receive a certificate if you have paid your dues. This certificate can be verified by the WMDA Education administrators on request. If you started your course after July 1, 2021, you will receive automatically your certificate within the course after successfully completing the course.

4.2. No Academic Credit

Unless otherwise explicitly indicated by a credit-granting institution, participation in or completion of Content does not confer any academic credit. You agree not to accept credit for completing a Content unless you have earned a course certificate or other equivalent documentation of your completion of the Content Offering.


5. Fee and refund

5.1. Paid education from WMDA Education

WMDA Education offers paid education (e.g., courses and webinars with a certificate) for a fee. Unless otherwise stated, all fees are quoted in Euros. You are responsible for paying all fees charged by or for WMDA Education and applicable vat on time. WMDA Education reserves the right to change any fees at any time at its sole discretion. Any change, update, or modification will be effective immediately upon posting through this page. Refunds may be available for paid Services as described in our Refund Policy below.

5.2. Refund

If you decide not to complete a course or webinar that you've paid for, WMDA Education may be able to refund your payment depending on our refund policies.

5.2.1.  Refund of courses

In most cases, if you pay for a course, you can request a refund within 2 weeks (14 calendar days) after your payment if you have NOT started the course yet. If you have completed any activity within the course you are no longer eligible for a refund, even if you earn your Certificate within the two-week refund period. Contact education@wmda.info if you would like to request a refund.

5.2.2.        Refund of webinars

We don't offer refunds for paid webinars. If you paid for a webinar, ensure you complete the quiz within 180 days to earn your completion certificate and avoid having to register and pay again.


6. Security

We care about the security of our users. While we work to protect the security of your account and related information, WMDA cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not be able to defeat our security measures. Please notify us immediately of any compromise or unauthorized use of your account by emailing education@wmda.info.

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